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Dicky and John's
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It's all over...everyone is back safe and sound...back to reality
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Welcome to the one and only OFFICIAL trip web site.
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Travelogue Contact Messages Fun

On 29/11/1999, Dicky and John set off around the globe.
This site followed them 'Live and Exclusive'.

On 28/11/2000 they returned mildly unscathed, so the site now stands as a record of the trip.

The Travelogue section shows the travelled route, itinerary, and all the official Reports from Livingston and Stanley as they progressed.

The Contact area showed e-mail and Poste Restante addresses for personal contact. You could even leave Voice Mail messages.
However to display a more public message on the web site, messages were sent to the Messages page.

Finally, the Fun section contains some serious messing about. This includes the all-revealing Biographies, the thrilling final Scores and the Dress Lisa game.

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